Our customers can download the following articles and standards.

  • F+S brochure
    all information about F+S as shown on these websites as PDF.
    F+S Company Brochure
  • Automotive SPICE 3.1®
    F + S has prepared the standard work "Automotive SPICE 3.1®" for you as HTML version for easier use. You have direct, fast access to all content, be it processes or work results.
  • F+S talk at Gate4SPICE Event 2017: "Improvements are a Journey into a New World"
    The talk of Dr. Joachim Fleckner was followed by an intensive discussion of how to develop simple and standard-compliant processes in cooperation with the users and how to implement their successful and sustainable rollout. This talk is in Englisch.
    Talk of "Improvements are a Journey into a New World"
  • Handout of "Measurement & Metrics", F+S talk at Gate4SPICE Event 2016
    The talk of Josef Horstkötter focused on how metrics can be generated as easily and efficiently as possible and yet contribute to the successful controlling of a project by means of an intuitive statement. This talk is in German.
    Handout of the talk "Measurement & Metrics
  • Handout of "Autonomous Driving - safety and security"
    “Autonomous driving: dream or nightmare? Safety + security in cars is possible!” On 12.07.2016, our former managing director Josef Horstkötter gave a talk on this subject during the "2016 Industrial Colloquium on Data Technology" held by the department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the TU Darmstadt. His talk was received with great interest especially since the challenges involved cannot always be successfully overcome, and also due to the media coverage in this respect.
    You can download the handout from the talk here. Would you like more information? Then we look forward to your e-mail or phone call!
    Handout of the talk “Autonomous driving: dream or nightmare? Safety + security in cars is possible!”