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Administrative Head of Limburg-Weilburg District visits F+S

Besuch LandratMr. Manfred Michel, the administrative head of Limburg-Weilburg district, and Mr. Walter Gerharz , the chairperson of the economic development organization, came to visit F+S in April. The economic development organization maintains a network of the local enterprises. And thanks to this network, F+S has gotten into contact with other local enterprises, which we intend to cultivate further.

“I am really impressed by the effectiveness of F+S and I welcome the cooperation of local enterprises highly. They play a huge role in strengthening the economy of our district and helps to create employment opportunities”, said Mr. Manfred Michel at the end of his visit.

A detailed report about the visit can be found at the district homepage.

In the picture from left: Walter Gerharz, André Zeh (chairperson F+S), Manfred Michel (district administrative head) und Josef Horstkötter (chairperson  F+S).