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F+S at Gate4SPICE Event "Rhetorik in ASPICE Assessments"

The "Rhetoric in ASPICE Assessments" is a topic that should not be underestimated, it can significantly influence the duration and success of assessments. Therefore, we followed the invitation of Achim Hönow and Bhaskar Vanamali to the Köschingen location of CARIAD SE on 22.09.2022 to work on and discuss this topic. Together with about 25 Provisional, Competent and Principal Assessors we worked out how assessors can express ASPICE requirements rhetorically well, so that assessors, even without ASPICE knowledge, can fully understand questions and technical issues. In addition to technical and methodological knowledge, the soft skills of our assessors are particularly in demand. During the breaks there was also enough time for professional exchange and networking. The event was generally well received and has enriched our wealth of experience.