Experience contributes to success

Development projects require both detail and overall knowledge.  As consultants, we make our knowledge productive for our customers.

Become better economically
Our customers have to master complex challenges. However, nobody can know everything and always stay informed. The danger is to fall behind the state of the art if investments in improvements and innovations are not done.

As consultants we always want to stay in front so our customers can benefit from our experience. Competent consultation is complex,  creates high added value and  therefore has its price. But anyone who might run into a dead-end due to the lack of profound knowledge will have to invest more time and money in the long run.

Practical consultation with a theoretical background

Our consultants have many years of experience in assisting customers with complex development projects. And they know what they are talking about, because they have successfully developed automotive software themselves:

  • They look for pragmatic solutions that support our customers
  • They create development manuals that make use of existing strengths and eliminate weaknesses
  • They implement the specifications in pilot projects to assess the practicability of the consultation service

In addition, our consultants always discuss new methods  with the development engineers. This helps early on to identify and improve  impractical or overly expensive practices.

Sought-after contacts

Assessments by automobile manufacturers confirm the effectiveness of our methods. Our pragmatic solutions recieve recognition also at the meeting of the SPICE assessors. Our know-how in the implementation of processes and for the solution of corresponding problems in demand at conferences and conventions. Some of such recent event and issues were: CONQUEST: „Project Planning“, EuroSPI: „Risk Management“, EuSEC: „Requirement Analysis“, VDA Automotive SYS: „intacs™ Cybersecurity SPICE“

Always well advised

Consulting is a broad field. We support our customers with management consulting, assessment implementation, process improvements and quality assurance. We have a lot of experience, especially in the area of safety, the "functional safety" of automotive software, and security, the protection against external attacks. There is also increasing demand for our expertise in assistance systems and level 3 and 4 AI systems.