Everything under control

Management has to have total control over the quality, scheduling and cost of development projects. We contribute to this with well-aimed management consultation.

Methodical goal orientation

Good project management is the prerequisite for a successful project. The basis is a meaningful plan that is much more than just a schedule and that is finally implemented and repeatedly adapted to reality.

We know what is important for good project management:

  • Planning that corresponds to the reality of the development (planning in cycles, with general and detailed plans, traditional or agile)
  • Implementation of the plan and adaptation to new circumstances
  • Regular review of the progress of the project
  • Easy-to-create, meaningful metrics that reveal weaknesses early on
  • Risk management that allows action and not only reaction: safety or security management

Our services

What we as management consultants can do for you:

  • Support in the creation and verification of the project planning with releases and cycles, e.g. by certified project managers, Scrum Product Owners or Scrum Masters
  • Iterim project management
  • Definition of meaningful metrics, including assistance with facilitating the (automatic) generation of metrics
  • Strict compliance with schedules
  • Advice with respect to the application of safety-critical standards
  • Execution of risk workshops and monitoring of risk minimization