For the highest standards

Quality is possible only as the result of effort. We help you to do what is necessary to ensure your projects fulfill all requirements.

Quality is the best recipe
Our quality engineers participate in the projects to ensure their success. They monitor how well the specifications are implemented. They also recognize whether the guidelines need to be modified and supplemented in order to better meet the development needs.

Until a development culture with quality assurance measures has been established in the projects, intensive coaching by Quality Assurance is especially valuable. The information that has been gathered is summarized in the form of metrics and reports, which give the project directors and management a better overview on the progress of the project.

Project Management and Quality Assurance as partners
We believe that Project Management and Quality Assurance are partners and not rivals. Both pursue a common goal - the on-time delivery of a faultless product in compliance with the planned costs. Project directors and QA only have different perspectives on a project.

Quality Assurance performs three tasks:

  • Preparation: definition, i.e. tailoring of the procedures to be used in the project
  • Assistance: supporting the developers with their tasks
  • Analysis: review of the results and generation of reports

Our services
We can do the following for you to ensure that your projects deliver the desired results:

  • Execution of the project-supporting quality assurance and active participation in reviews
  • Training in methods or processes, if weaknesses are identified
  • Generation of quality reports on a regular basis for your Management, including meaningful metrics as decision-making aids