At the junction of effectiveness and efficiency

You have a goal: outstanding software solutions. We provide effective and efficient assistance in all relevant phases to help you achieve that goal.

Secure the decisive resources
Development projects are becoming more complex and more demanding. And they have to be implemented “just in time”. That requires special knowledge and a highly efficient team. We offer you both. We support your software development team, when:

  • You wish to use new methods or tools with which your employees have no experience yet
  • You are getting orders faster than your development team is growing
  • Your customers want more changes than you planned for
  • You wish to outsource technical management to a competent partner

The strengths of our development engineers
Our customers trust our development engineers also with complex development tasks, because they

  • work very carefully
  • create not only the code, but also all necessary document
  • find errors outside of their area of responsibility during the reviews of the specification documents or other interface documents
  • have many years of experience so they can also manage other development teams

Our development engineers work closely with our consultants and benefit from their know-how when new tools are to be used efficiently or new methods are to be developed and implemented. This allow our development engineers to successfully solve all tasks. As competence is crucial, our developers not only have a lot of experience, but are also certified as requirements engineer, architect or tester (IREB®, ISAQB®, ISTQB®).

Partners for all processes
At the end of the day, the result is what counts. We therefore assist you in all processes of development: from requirement analysis, system & software design, module development & integration to tests at all levels. We perform the technical management for all sub-tasks of the development.