Zero tolerance

Software errors can cost time, money and reputation. That is why we offer you tools for effective software tests.

No one can afford errors
Testing is the preferred method for finding software errors. For efficient tests the test environments must be adapted to the specific project situation. This one-time expenditure pays off, saving the testers a great deal of time later on.

  • Example project: Test management database

    A customer has to conduct numerous tests for different function groups and variants, create transparency in the links to the requirements and fill complex forms defined by the OEM with test results. The results must be generated and stored in compliance with SPICE in an international, inhomogeneous IT landscape.

    Our solution: F+S developed a test management database that fulfills these requirements. The following functions are included:

    • Test planning
    • Monitoring of creation of the test case and
    • Monitoring of the test implementation

    This database allows the test manager to trace the test results to the requirements. And the testers can consistently enter the test results in different documents and databases through single input.

  • Example project: XML test system

    In the automotive sector descriptions of the user interface are provided by the customer with texts, images and animations in XML data format. The XML data is stored in the vehicle in an electronic control unit (ECU) for display to the driver based on specific situations. Storage and display of the XML data require complex processes. It is therefore necessary to test the user interface for the correct display of the images and animations.
    Our solution: The XML test system developed by F+S

    • generates test images from XML data
    • compares them automatically with the images generated by the ECU software
    • detects variations and
    • generates a test report

    Hyperlinks in the generated test report facilitate navigation to erroneous test cases. The test system enables the fast and easy comparison of thousands of images.